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DPRD Maluku Target Bentuk Perseroda MEA Rampung Agustus 2020


DPRD Maluku yang menangani Rancangan Peraturan Daerah (Raperda) tentang pembentukan perseroan daerah (Perseroda) Maluku Energi Abadi (MEA) sebagai badan usaha milik daerah (BUMD) untuk mengelola PI 10 persen eksploitasi blok gas abadi Masela ditargetkan rampung pada awal Agustus 2020.

China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Frade Zone Welcomes Global Investors!


Jun 6, the 2020 Online Investment Promotion and Contract Signing of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone is launched in Nanning, Guangxi. The online promotion activity has invited chambers of commerce and business representatives, building a platform for global investors from all walks of life to realize the seamless connection with Guangxi pilot free trade zone.

Hainan actively promotes the construction of One-Stop Service for Investment


“We are speeding up the progress of construction in a hope to build a better One-Stop Service for Investment soon, so as to enable more investors to enjoy more investment facilitation and help Hainan’s supernormal development.” said the relevant person in charge of Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce. “The main functions have now been launched, and many investors have handled business such as

Only the people can liberate themselves from COVID-19 – the new epidemic!


20 years ago Humana People to People (‘HPP’) developed a concept to prevent and control HIV and protect the health of the people – the ‘Total Control of the Epidemic’ or ‘TCE’ concept. It was and is based on the slogan “Only the people can liberate themselves from AIDS the Epidemic”.



Since the outbreak of Covid-19 at the beginning of the year, the pandemic is causing serious impacts all over the world. About 120 countries participated in the World Health Assembly (WHA) and China stated at the Opening Congress to support the idea of a comprehensive review of the global response to COVID-19 after it is brought under control and to sum up the experiences based on science and prof

​Media Australia: Bagaimana jika Parti Komunis China memberi pelajaran bagi kita semua pada akhirnya?


​Laman web Australian Broadcasting Corporation baru-baru ini menerbitkan sebuah artikel yang bertajuk. Bagaimana jika Parti Komunis China memberi pelajaran bagi kita semua pada akhirnya? Dari pandangan perspektif Barat, China legap, curiga dan pasti akan panik terhadap virus misteri dan mematikan ini, mereka bimbang Chinaakan hilang kawalan dan berkembang menjadi krisis survival.

Is hawkish adviser Peter Navarro accountable for his role in pandemic response?


Hawks are like gatecrashers at the battle against the coronavirus. We know them from previous political dramas. But at a time when we are saving people’s lives and looking for medical supplies, we find them extremely dangerous. One of the infamous and fervent hawkish politicians in the Trump Administration, Peter Navarro, is now in charge of pandemic supplies. Can he get us enough masks in the fas

A Blame Game That Costs Lives


The Covid-19 death toll keeps surging every day. As of April 26, the coronavirus casualty has surpassed 50,000 in the United States. When there is a disaster and our beloved ones might suffer or lose life, we look up to someone competent and strong to plan, execute and lead us out of the darkness. But instead we see rivalries and blame games - pointing fingers with ridiculous reasons.

Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd. dukung pemberantasan COVID-19 dengan


Strengthening International Cooperation is Needed with the Outbreak of COVID-19


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